Design Registration

  • Design Registration
  • A market loaded with similar products, its toufe to stand distinguished. A unique designs will stand out from the crowd and gets easily noticed.
  • Company360 team guides you through the process of protecting your design rights by assisting you in determining what can — and what       can’t- be protected, either through registered or unregistered rights
  • Where registration is appropriate we take care of the actual filing process, making sure it is done correctly, efficiently and swiftly, so that you
          become a proud owner of your unique identifier and now even capable to assert your design rights whenever and wherever need arise.

  • Advantages of Design registration:
  • – Designs should not be seen as an alternative to patents but as a complementary protection.
  • – Design registration is cheaper to obtain than patent protection and the application procedure is far shorter.
  • – If the expected life-time of a product is short, and the product will be simple to produce, the design registration may be more useful than          patents.
  • – Action can be taken against an infringer and, unlike with copyright, actual copying of the protected design is not required to be proved.